TRUE GRIT: 8-Video Series

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Equipment Needed: Heavy & Medium Dumbbells, Exercise Mat, Step

super excited to bring you this brand new program! Chris Tye-Walker leads you through this challenging 8-part series; designed to torch fat and build serious strength. Chris includes a combination of HIIT workouts and strength routines that will skyrocket your fitness to the next level. The series includes:

• 20-Min Bodyweight AMRAP
• 30-Min Legs & Butt
• 30-Min Chest & Triceps
• 30-Min Back & Biceps
• 20-Min Full Body HIIT
• 20-Min Full Body HIIT w/ Step
• 10-Min Abs & Core Burnout
• 60-Min Full Body Premix

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Mike D 247 x 150