[PREVIEW] 20-Minute Strength HIIT Workout

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Equipment Needed: Dumbbells, Exercise Mat

FitFam, I am so excited to introduce you to Jordan Morello! I’ve looked up to this guy for sometime now, and I feel super fortunate to call him a friend and have had this opportunity to work with him. He came up from Florida for this shoot and he absolutely crushed it!

Today he’s bringing you an insanely BRUTAL strength workout. It’s just over 20-minutes, but you are guaranteed to be a hot sweaty mess at the end of it! Since the primary focus of this workout is strength, Jordan encourages you to use a heavier set of dumbbells than you might be used to. He asks that you try to keep up with him but go at your own pace while maintaining proper form. I hope you enjoy this first workout of the 3 that we filmed. He’s an absolute BEAST and we can’t wait to share the rest of his workouts with you!

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