Workout Videos The 30-Day Burpee Challenge

Posted on Oct 28 2018

Fam! Super excited! I’m teaming up with LIVESTRONG.COM for their 30-Day Burpee Challenge! The challenge started on November 1st… but you can still catch up and crush the challenge anywhere, anytime!

Squat, push-up and jump into 30 days of my favorite total-body, calorie-burning exercise: BURPEES! You’ll start with just one (easy, right?!) and add two reps each day until you finish with 50! You got this!

???? Week 1

???? Week 2

???? Week 3

???? Week 4

Find all the support you need with thousands of friends in the Livestrong Facebook Challenge Group.

Now let’s do this!

Mike D 247 x 150