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HIIT 10×10: Ten Video Series

Posted on Aug 29 2019

Anja Garcia leads you through this brand new series, HIIT 10×10. 10 workouts. 10 minutes. One serious burn.

The goal of this series is to fully maximize time and efficiency. Whether you’ve only got 10-minutes or you want to mix-and-match for a longer workout, Anja is guaranteed to push your limits and leave you wanting more!

These workouts can also be utilized as a challenging “finisher” to existing routines you already know and love. The combinations and uses for this program are truly endless.

This series contains ten individual, 10-minute workouts. While short warm-ups and cool-downs are included in each video, you’ll also receive an extended dynamic warm-up and cool-down video. On top of that, you’ll get some juicy premixes that are designed to torch mega calories!