This 20-Minute Kettlebell Workout Delivers a Full-Body Burn

Kettlebells are without a doubt one of the most efficient tools to break through any fitness plateau. The exercises you can do with them are often dynamic, are almost always compound total-body movements, and they spike your heart rate while building power, increasing strength, and spiking your metabolism. This five exercise kettlebell routine will make you an insane fat burning machine!

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[ Appx Workout Time: 20-Minutes ]

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Hike Swing

~ 40 sec work / 20 rest ~

Snatch + Reverse Lunge

~ 40 sec work / 20 rest (each side) ~

Side Lunge Clean + Front Lunge

~ 40 sec work / 20 rest (each side) ~

Snatch + Rotation

~ 40 sec work / 20 rest (each side) ~

Deck Squat + Half Burpee

~ 40 sec work / 20 rest ~



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