The 15-Minute Lower Body Booty Blast You Need

This fun and intense lower body workout features the very best butt- and thigh-sculpting exercises. You’ll work and tone your entire lower half: quads, hamstrings, hips, inner and outer thighs. You’ll also lift, perk up, and round out your butt. One of the best parts of this workout: it only takes about 15-minutes and you only need your own body weight, so no equipment is needed in order to see those #bootygains!

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[ Appx Workout Time: 15-Minutes ]

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Sumo Drop Squat

~ 40 sec on / 20 off ~


~ 40 sec on / 20 off (each side) ~

Single Leg Glute Bridge

~ 40 sec on / 20 off (each side) ~

Alt Jump Lunge / Close Squat

~ 40 sec on / 20 off ~

Low Squat Jack

~ 40 sec on / 20 off ~



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