5 Pushup Variations You Need To Try ASAP

psuhup post v2

If you’ve done my follow-along workouts you know how much I love a good push-up. They can be done anywhere at anytime, they are crazy versatile, and they strengthen your arms, chest, and shoulders – but it also trains your core and builds conditioning.

Here are 5 of the best pushups you can do anywhere that will transform your chest, core, and arms. Get ready to have some fun and challenge yourself with these insane pushup variations.

PS: if you want even more insane push-up variety, check out this video.

Scorpion Push-Up

~ 10 reps ~

Spiderman Push-up

~ 10 reps ~

Push-up Jack

~ 10 reps ~

Knee Tap Push-up

~ 10 reps ~

Downdog Push-Up

~ 10 reps ~


2-3 SETS