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The Bodyweight Tabata Workout That Blasts Fat

Posted on Dec 16 2017

This bodyweight Tabata workout is comprised of 4 total body moves that are guaranteed to spike your heart rate, tone your muscles, and burn fat! Every move is a compound movement – hitting multiple muscle groups all at once – to deliver the most bang for your buck! We’re following Tabata protocol…20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Follow the prescribed reps x sets…to get the most bang for you buck and really stoke your metabolism!

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[ Appx Workout Time: 15-Minutes ]

Squat Thrusts

~ 20 sec work / 10 rest ~

Knee Tap Push-Ups

~ 20 sec work / 10 rest ~

Tap Downs

~ 20 sec work / 10 rest ~

Donkey Kicks

~ 20 sec work / 10 rest ~


Minimal Rest Between

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