The 20-Minute Lower Body Booty Blast You Need

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This fun and intense lower body workout features the very best butt- and thigh-sculpting exercises. You’ll work and tone your entire lower half: quads, hamstrings, hips, inner and outer thighs. You’ll also lift, perk up, and round out your butt. Challenging plyometric exercises will get your heart rate up, help you develop explosive power and ensure you are torching mega-calories. Then dynamic strength moves will really target and tone specific muscles, so you feel the burn.

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[ Appx Workout Time: 20-Minutes ]

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Clap Back Jump Squat

~ 45 sec work / 15 rest ~

SL Glute Bridge

~ 45 sec work / 15 rest (each side) ~

Sprinter Pulse Lunge

~ 45 sec work / 15 rest (each side) ~

Super Hydrants

~ 45 sec work / 15 rest (each side) ~

Jump Lunges

~ 45 sec work / 15 rest ~

Spring Up ‘N’ Clap Back

~ 45 sec work / 15 rest ~



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