This 15-Minute Bodyweight Bootcamp Torches Fat

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Get ready to have a blast with this high-intensity interval training bootcamp. It’s a workout that’s jam-packed with dynamic body-weight exercises that blend together strength, cardio, and plyometrics—all of which are designed to max out your metabolism and fire up your fat-burning potential. And because it’s a routine that requires zero equipment and minimal space, you can do it pretty much anywhere. So whether you’re at work or in the middle of a Netflix marathon, hop up, hit play, and get moving.

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[ Appx Workout Time: 15-Minutes ]

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Skater Burpees

~ 40 sec work / 20 rest ~

Tap Back Squats

~ 40 sec work / 20 rest ~

Walking Plank + Knee Drivers

~ 40 sec work / 20 rest ~

Sit-Up + Cross Bridge Tap

~ 40 sec work / 20 rest (each side) ~

Prowler Push-Ups

~ 40 sec work / 20 rest ~



If you want to do the full follow-along workout with me – packed with even more awesome exercises! – click the video below 🔥🔥🔥