The 15-Minute Ab Workout that will Torch Your Core!

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Tighter abs in 15 minutes time? Count us in! This workout is comprised of 5 insanely effective ab exercises that will “ABS-olutely” torch your core! You’ll crunch, twist, and lift your way to a firmer, flatter mid-section. Follow the prescribed reps x sets as follows. Now let’s *really* set those abs on FIRE!

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[ Total Workout Time: 15-Minutes ]


~ 60 seconds ~

Scissor Sit-Ups

~ 60 seconds ~

Tick Tock Crunches

~ 60 seconds ~

Bicycle Crunches

~ 15 reps (each side) ~


~ 60 seconds ~



If you want to do the full follow-along workout with me – packed with even more awesome exercises! – click the video below 🔥🔥🔥