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3-Exercise Full Body Circuit for Time

Posted on Sep 15 2018

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So this workout is a little different than an AMRAP. With an AMRAP you have an exercise or set of exercises, and you’re trying to get as many reps / rounds of work as possible – as fast as possible. With a workout that is done “for time” — you have a pre-set number of reps / exercises / rounds and you’re trying to finish that as fast as possible. It’s a very slight distinction but it completely changes the workout.

Today’s MetCon is 5 rounds of three challenging exercises…your muscles will be on FIRE ????????????

⏰ 5 Rounds for Time ⏰

1️⃣ 20 Wall Balls

2️⃣ 15 Burpees

3️⃣ 10 Box Jumps

All three moves equal 1 round. Your goal is to finish 5 rounds as fast as possible! Good luck and get after it!

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