15-Minute Brutal AMRAP Workout

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You may be asking: what is an AMRAP? It’s an acronym for “as many reps as possible” or “as many rounds as possible” in a given time period. That time frame can range, but typically they last between 10- to 20-minutes. So, you’ll go as hard and as fast as you can – while maintaining proper form – to try and get as many rounds as possible in that given workout.

Now, today’s workout is KILLER ???

⏰ 15-Minnute AMRAP
1️⃣ 10 Deadlifts (appx 60% 1RM)
2️⃣ 10 Burpees

Both exercises, done in completion, equal 1 round. Your goal is to get as many rounds as possible in that 15-minute time frame. Good luck and get after it ?

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