thinking bigger than myself…

i’ve been self employed since I was 20 years old… but it’s only now that I feel comfortable enough to call myself an “entrepreneur” 🤷🏻‍♂️

i know that term gets tossed around a lot these days… and everybody has a different take on it. but to me, being an entrepreneur means thinking bigger than myself ⚡️

that realization came on the very first shoot i had for – at that time called – mikedfitnessTV. We booked a location for a 10 hour shoot day… and only got four, 30-40 minute workouts in that entire day 💡

I was pissed because there was so much time being wasted on set. While I was resting between filming workouts *nothing* was happening. We had this awesome space… and it wasn’t being maximized… time, money, and resources were just all going out the window ⏳

and that’s what got the ball rolling and made me start thinking bigger than myself. instead of it just being about me… why don’t I try to introduce other trainers and invest in more talent. and by doing so I’d able to be of service to a lot more people… from customers, to trainers, to crew, and everyone else involved in the process 💪🏼

it’s been a fun and interesting journey to get to this point. at times I’ve been on crazy highs while other times I’ve been lower than low. but piecing together this puzzle, figuring shit out, and grinding day in and day out has been an insanely rewarding process. It’s taught me so much about myself… but i think my biggest takeaway is that it’s allowed me to let go of my own ego and to focus on being of service to others 🙌🏼

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