the good, the bad, the bleh

rundown, beatdown, tired, bleh. this picture is a pretty accurate representation of how I’ve felt the last few weeks.

that’s kinda why I haven’t posted a longer written post in a while… or been posting on IG stories as frequently as i usually do. I’ve just felt off and didn’t really want to share about these times… then i remembered that my whole reason for starting to write these kind of posts was to share my journey: the good, the bad, the bleh. To show that life on social media isn’t just a highlight reel.

so a few weeks ago I had an allergic reaction to something — that put me in a funk and made me feel super self conscious. then the next week, I tried self adjusting my back… and did something stupid because after I did it, it literally hurt to breathe LOL. Then later that same week, when I was working out i f**ked up my shoulder — probably from overcompensating for the pain in my back. So for almost 3 weeks, I hadn’t touched a dumbbell…and have been feeling “soft” from doing only cardio. Oooof.

I’ve just felt bleh physically and that’s put me in a bit of a funk mentally. A lot of awesome stuff has happened in the last few weeks, but it’s been kind of muted from of all the stuff above.

Anyway, on Sunday and yesterday… I said “f**k it” and took Barry’s Bootcamp. I was sick of feeling broke down and sorry for myself. I figured if I could handle class, I would be good enough to start working out like my regular self again.

Sunday’s class was brutal… my lungs were on fire, my muscles burned like crazy, everything seemed stupidly hard… but I survived. Then Monday’s class was just as difficult but I got through it with a bit more ease. And it just reminded me to be grateful for my health, my body, and what it’s able to accomplish — no matter what minor setbacks may pop-up here and there ♥️

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