same, same… but different

most of you know by now that i have a membership site — which is a collective of some of the best established video fitness instructors, plus some great up-and-comers. And if you didn’t know that, then I’ve done a terrible job at promoting it 😅

the whole process of getting this going has been a huge lesson in self discovery; my biggest learning experience has been letting go of my ego. Before, everything was about me (my DVDs, YouTube, social media)… now it’s become less about me and more about showcasing the awesomeness of these extremely talented trainers 🙌🏼

as a matter of fact, the most watched video *on my own site* isn’t even of me anymore LOL. That title is now held by the one and only Anja Garca — and I seriously couldn’t be happier 💪🏼

If this was 3 years… I probably would have thrown a fit that someone else was outperforming me on my own site. But now, I’m just so incredibly happy that as a group (Anja, myself, the crew) — we were able to produce something that members can come back to again & again, and still feel challenged and inspired by it 💯

With all that being said… some big changes are coming up in the next couple months. It’s launch has hit some speed bumps along the way — in fact, i first teased these exciting changes in April 🤦🏻‍♂️

But I’m excited to finally start sharing it with you. I think everything happens for a reason… at first i was just going to be like “BAM! everything’s different now.” But by rolling it out slowly, I think you’ll be able to understand the process behind it, my reasoning, and how much work & how many people were involved for all this to come together.

Thank you as always for your time, likes, comments, shares, mentions, talents — eternally grateful 🙏🏼

Mike D 247 x 150