progress and perspective ?

progress and perspective ?

A couple weeks ago I wrote a very personal post about my constant drive to do better and to achieve more… and the frustration that often accompanies that.

That same week I had a call with one of the biggest ‘disruptors’ in the fitness industry right now. It was a great call *but* we ultimately couldn’t work together because of what I have going on with my own businesses.

The key conflict was my ability to scale MD⚡️TV. It was something that was discussed with their CRO… and because I’m able to scale, it was deemed a conflict of interest and I wouldn’t be able to work with them.

After I stopped being frustrated about the missed opportunity, I realized what a great comment that was to hear: that i have the ability to scale my business. It made me realize I’m headed in the right direction.

That same week, I also received an email from one of the biggest fitness production houses and we’re now trying to find a way to partner on some exciting new stuff.

And then last week, I cold emailed ONE37pm (@garyvee’s newest venture) and we’re talking about working together and producing strength / fitness content for the site.

We’re always our own worst critics. Life is always so full of ups and downs and we are so often focused on the micro… that sometimes we need to be told to take a step back and look at the bigger picture ♥️

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