Life is all about energy

ALL SMILES ? still riding the high from last week’s shoot… and gonna parlay those good vibes over into next weekend’s *THREE* shoots!

While I hustle my face off, I couldn’t have come this far without the help of my amazing family, clients, friends, colleagues… and YOU!

There’ve been times when I’ve been *beyond* broke – and friends lent me money or clients gave me advances in order to fund these shoots. There are colleagues who have vouched for me, time and time again… and have graciously given me the “street cred” to work with some of the best and most talented trainers around. I am so unbelievably grateful for all of it.

Because I’ve been fortunate enough to have a stellar support system, i always try to pay it forward. I’ll try to get my crew other gigs and connect them with other opportunities whenever I can. If there’s a casting for a trainer, I’ll always let my trainers know about it and personally vouch for them. I’ve done deals on handshakes because I still believe in them. I try to treat everyone i come in contact with, with the same amount of kindness and respect – regardless of what they can or cannot do for me.

With all that being said, things don’t always work out. I recently had a “handshake deal” fall through. And sadly, money, resources, and time were all wasted. But in talking with David Meltzer, he said something profound to me: “you have to forgive yourself first.”

And it was crazy, almost immediately after I started the process of forgiving myself — i shit you not — four potential deals came knocking on my door.

Life is all about energy. If you put good energy out into the world, you’ll get it back tenfold. And even though somethings may not work out, I firmly believe if you keep your head held high, continue being kind, and just keep forging forward — the universe / god / karma / whatever you believe in, will always have your back ♥️

Mike D 247 x 150