just go out and do it… ?

Last week I had a conversation with someone who wanted to start a YouTube channel. I asked him why he hadn’t yet, and he said that he didn’t feel comfortable talking in front of a camera.

My reply was simple: “you know what will fix that? Talking into a camera.” ?

My first on-camera taping was TERRIBLE. It was for ABC7 News in LA. You literally see my eyes darting up, down, side to side… trying to think about what to say so I come off looking professional. That was my first introduction to being in front of the camera LOL.

But over the years, I took every opportunity in front of the camera to try and get better. To try and get more comfortable and feel more at ease. It was when I started my own YouTube channel that I started to find my own voice. To embrace my own quirkiness. To just be myself and be totally comfortable with that.

The point is, you learn from experience. You learn by doing. You learn by fucking up and making mistakes… and it never ends. You’re always gonna screw up, it’s inevitable. But from every mistake you make, there’s a lesson to be learned. That’s where you have to get smart, have fun, and find out what those lessons are.

You can’t learn without doing. You can’t get better without failing. You only have one chance at this life… if you want to do something, just go out and do it. There’s no one holding you back, except you ?

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