heart & hustle…

The handsome gentleman above is Jordan Morello… I’ve looked up to this dude for a couple years now. his positive energy and positive outlook on life is *absolutely* contagious ?

i originally met Jordan about a year or two ago, at a gym we used to go to. i had been wanting to work with him for some time; so i was stoked when he said he was going to be in LA and wanted to shoot! ?

Last week we filmed three 20-minute workouts… and he crushed ALL of them! we also had a chance to just chat about life, career, goals, etc… and I am truly inspired by his hustle and heart ??

I’ve said before that I feel I feel incredibly lucky to be able to do what I do. A big part of that is because i get to work with some amazing trainers, many of whom I really look up to and am inspired by ♥️

Humbled and grateful to be surrounded by so much talent, selflessness and generosity ??

Mike D 247 x 150