Embrace Uncertainty ???

i mentioned in a previous post that i had no idea how my first DVD was going to do, but i still did it anyway. If it failed, it was a learning lesson…if it did well, it’d be an unexpected surprise. either way, i embraced the unknown because the pros far outweighed the cons.

But wayyy before my first DVD, i made the move to LA to be a ‘celebrity’ trainer. I grew up in the suburbs of SoCal but knew that if i wanted to make it as a trainer, i needed to either be in LA or NYC. So without any contacts or connections… i decided to give it a go. i had my BS in Kinesiology, so i knew i could fall back on that *IF* i needed to… but why not give the LA thing a shot first.

i did two things to try and separate myself from all the other trainers in LA:

1) i cold called and reached out to every single news outlet, radio station, magazine and newspaper that i could find – so i could try and be featured as an expert. For the most part i didn’t hear back or was met with a “no”. But there were people who said “yes” – and I’ve continued to work them with over the last ten years… and those have lead to even more press opportunities, contacts and friendships.

2) i took out advertisements in various publications throughout LA. most people said it was a dumb idea because it was a lot of money and there was no guaranteed ROI (return on investment). But i did it anyway… spending appx $45k in a 2 year time span. And somehow it all worked out… one of the clients i got from an ad, I still train to this day — and he’s become like a mentor. We were talking about it the other, and we’ve been training for 9 years!

I’m lucky in that everything worked out for me. In regards to my career, I’ve always been an optimist… I just always felt the upside far outweighed the downside, so i took the risks. I’m also single and don’t have a family to take care of, so I understand every situation is different and not everyone can take those kind of risks. BUT you can’t just live life at the sidelines, you can’t be afraid of taking chances. Especially if it’s something that means a great deal to you… something that you just can’t shake off or let go of. Life is uncertain, there’s no guarantee for success, but you just have to keep on trucking along and trust that everything will work out in the end ❤️

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