the cat’s out of the bag! ๐Ÿ˜ธ

well… cat’s out of the bag now LOL. In a previous post titled, “same, same… but different” I mentioned some big changes coming up in the next couple months. Well, it happened a little sooner than expected hahaha.

If you’re subscribed to my membership site, you probably saw that seemingly overnight “some” things got changed around. Okay… a lot of things ๐Ÿ˜…

This was supposed to be a slow roll out: first with the site, then with the apps. However, keeping in line with 2018’s trend of unexpected surprises – the iPhone app developer, accidentally released the new version on Thursday night with the new rebrand. So I worked overnight to get all the old branding swapped out on the site. I wanted to give you all a heads up before the changes took place… but it is what it is.

As you probably saw, the site is no longer called MDTV. I was never crazy about that name in the first place because it just sounded so medicinal. Then before MDTV, it was mikedfitnessTV – which sounded too narcissistic LOL. (I realize how crazy I probably sound as I write this.)

So, as the site continues to grow and you’re introduced to more awesome trainers, I wanted to change things up a bit. The site is a collective of instructors now and it’s not just HIIT anymore either; we now have barre, yoga, kickboxing, mobility, pilates, and more.

I felt the name needed to represent that; that the site is no longer about one trainer or one modality. It’s about providing you with everything you need now and in the future, as your needs and goals continue to change. After tossing around names for the last year or so, I finally decided on Sweat Factor. It just felt right. It didn’t have “extreme” or “burn” in the title, but it did have “sweat” – which is a little clichรฉ but you know… compromise.

I hope you love the new name, rebranding, colors, look… all of it. Some super talented people have all worked really hard to get this done… from graphic designers, to web developers, to app developers… and we’re still not even done yet! The Android app will undergo it’s change this week. We’re also going to make small tweaks here and there. It’s been an eye opening experience… to see what it all takes to accomplish something like this.

I’d love if you checked out the new Sweat Factor sizzle reel below too. Hopefully it conveys the feeling I want it to.