Anthony Bourdain: A True Inspiration

a friend texted me this morning about Anthony Bourdain​’s death, and I was first stunned then immediately filled with sadness.

He was open minded, creative, curious, rough around the edges, successful, passionate, and genuinely seemed to be living life on his own terms. All those qualities, individually, are already admirable; but to have them all is truly unique and special.

He gave people an opportunity to experience different cultures through something we could all understand and relate to… food. Regardless of class, gender, skin color, sexual orientation: he gave us the chance to walk in someone else’s shoes, feel more connected to one another, and open us up to a world outside our own.

His influence is evident by the outpouring of grief and love that’s been shown today. The first time I ever pitched a TV show, I pitched it as “No Reservations” but with a focus on physical activity / fitness instead of food. Then when I first met Kym Nonstop, I found out she had also pitched a show with the same concept. And *another* friend had pitched the same idea but with a focus on how music connected us. I can’t even imagine how many others did the same thing… all of us citing Anthony Bourdain as a source of inspiration.

I remember watching a video of him talking openly and honestly about his experiences with LSD. And to have that level of candor and confidence was something I’ve always strived for.

Anthony… thank you for everything you have done, all the lives you’ve touched, all the minds you’ve opened, all the inspiration you’ve provided.

I think Tom Colicchio​ said it best: “RIP doubtful. Tony’s restless spirit will roam the earth in search of justice, truth and a great bowl of noodles.”

Mike D 247 x 150