a lesson in resilience…

For me, more than anything, 2018 has been a lesson in resilience. I think this has been the most cash strapped year I’ve ever had in my entire 12 years being self-employed. I cut back on private training and teaching group fitness to really double down and focus in on creating content at scale.

In the past, when I’ve created content, it’s been all about me. I was the “talent” so I didn’t need to pay myself a day rate because I would ultimately get paid down the road — whether that would be 1 year later or 3+ years later. It didn’t matter because I’ve always been one to play the long game… and I’ve always been comfortable with that.

However, this year, I tripled down on creating new content with new trainers. So now, on top of paying for location, crew, insurance, editors, post production, etc… now, I also had the added expense of paying for more talent. Something I had done minimally in 2017, but nothing like I’ve done in 2018. And unlike myself, where I can wait to get paid 3 years later… that doesn’t exactly fly when you have to pay other people LOL.

This year I’ve spent roughly $70k on production / post-production expenses. And I’ve definitely felt every penny of that LOL. There were a number of times this year where I asked myself “is this all worth it?” …”am I on the right path?” …”is this actually helping anyone, or is this just feeding my ego?”. I’d get pretty deep and honest with myself in those moments. But it always came back to “you’re building something bigger than yourself, it’s going to take time. just be patient.”

And every time I had that chat with myself I found a new way to get scrappy and take more control of the situation. When you’re tight on cash, you definitely find a lot more ways to save money haha. So I took control of editing, now every video that you see up on MDTV has been edited by me. Before I didn’t want to deal with it, so I outsourced… but when money got tight, I reined it in.

I also started being smarter with where my money was going… in a couple ways. I was still wanting to produce new short-form content for IG, FB, and YouTube, but I ultimately felt that juice wasn’t worth the squeeze. So instead, I looked at my back catalog of YouTube content and started to recut those videos in new and different ways for social media… essentially giving 3 year old content even more mileage. Then from those new clips I created, I then turned them into GIFs – which I use regularly in blog posts.

Then I actually spent more money to hire someone to document the behind the scenes of our film shoots, but by spending that extra money, it now brings so much more additional new content. From one day behind the scenes… there are literally hundreds of photos and videos that can be utilized for years down the line.

It’s definitely been a year to remember LOL. As stressful as this year was… I’m now going to start writing everything that I’ve accomplished in 2018. I suggest you do the same, especially if you’ve had a rough year. I think we’ll both be surprised with how much we’ve done and how blessed we really are πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

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