The Time Will Never Be Just Right…

This is a *WAY WAY BACK* Wednesday post, from the first DVD I made in 2011 😯 A colleague sent me the attached video (hit the little arrow to the right on the image above) when she was at the IHRSA Fitness Convention in San Diego, a few weeks ago.

I made this DVD because I got tired of waiting for ExerciseTV (now defunct) to call up and put me in one of their videos. So I essentially said, “f**k it, I’ll do this myself!” And that was my first step into creating content.

I had no idea how it would do, if anyone would buy it… or even like it. But I took the chance because at the end of the day: if it failed, I learned — but if it did good, hayyyy.

To my surprise, the DVD did well. The next year I filmed two more DVDs. Then they all got picked up for syndication in almost a dozen countries throughout Asia. From there, I created a YouTube channel, produced 3 more DVDs, launched a membership site with accompanying apps, and have had some amazing opportunities along the way.

But none of this would have *ever* happened if I didn’t make that first DVD. I just got so sick of waiting for opportunity to come my way; so I decided to create my own. I wanted to wrap this up more succinctly but I haven’t had enough coffee yet LOL…so I’ll just leave you with the below quote:


Go out and crush this week, y’all 💪💪💪

Mike D 247 x 150