The Quick HIIT Routine You Need to Try!

This high intensity (HIIT) workout will work your entire body from head-to-toe. All you need is a set of medium dumbbells and approximately 15 minutes. This routine contains four full body moves that will absolutely torch fat and ensure the highest possible calorie burn. To really boost your metabolism andRead More

celebrating one full year 🎂

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Mike Donavanik, CSCS (@mikedfitness) on Sep 28, 2018 at 12:14pm PDT September marks one full year that MD⚡️TV has been around in it’s current state 🎂 This time last year is when I decided to take the leap of faith, goRead More

[PREVIEW] 30-Minute Full Body Meltdown

Optional Equipment: Dumbbells, Square Step / Long Bench, Exercise Mat Raneir Pollard is brining you a 30-Minute Full Body Total Meltdown with Step & Weights! You’ll work strength, cardio, agility and power in this challenging routine! Checkout all the exclusive workout & featured trainers on MDTV! New workouts every week,Read More

[PREVIEW] 10-Minute Advanced Ab & Core Workout

Optional Equipment: Exercise Mat Vanessa Villegas is delivering an insanely brutal and challenging ab & core workout! Don’t let the 10-minute time frame fool you; your abs will be screaming and sore for days after doing this one! It’s perfect to tack onto a longer workout for a truly gruelingRead More

The 15-Minute Ab Workout that will Torch Your Core!

Tighter abs in 15 minutes time? Count us in! This workout is comprised of 5 insanely effective ab exercises that will torch your core! You’ll crunch, twist, and lift your way to a firmer, flatter mid-section. Follow the prescribed reps x sets as follows. Now let’s *really* set those absRead More